Course Overview

Business is war without bullets. Is inter-company competition just a lose-win game, or does a company have to base its success on the competitors’ failure? No! The companies’ strategies  are interactive, any one’s strategy that “benefits itself at the expense of others” may evoke the competitors’ strong reactions, while their counter strategy will usually defeat the original one. To the end, no one has been benefited (i.e. the Prisoners’ Dilemma). Companies can interact with each other at multiple levels where there are often both competition and cooperation. A company only knows how to compete instead of cooperating or is only willing to compete instead of cooperating will not gain sustainable success. The joint success that Coca Cola and Pepsi have achieved is largely the result of their tradeoff  between competition and cooperation. It’s hard to believe that the two century-old rivals have had fewer price wars at mature market than do Chinese color TV manufacturers in recent ten-odd years at fast-growing market.